Coming Back to Life

It's nice to feel like me again. After a manic episode, I have never just come back to normal reality and lived life. But this time, I did. No hospitalizations. I didn't end up going to a partial program. I just nursed myself, in my studio apartment, back to health. It was not easy and … Continue reading Coming Back to Life


The Manic Comedown

I feel like a fraud when I say I was manic because I never went to the hospital. I had my inpatient bags packed (no alcohol in my lotion!, etc) and my father called my psychiatrist to send me but I never went. My ex-boyfriend had my extra keys to take care of my cats … Continue reading The Manic Comedown


“We must appreciate all that we survive: the small, the medium, and the monumental. Find gratitude in your life story. Wake up every morning and say to yourself, “I made it here from where I started, and I am so proud of that.” When we do this, we bless ourselves and feed ourselves with the … Continue reading Words