LIVIN 2019

So I’m naming this post living 2019 because I create albums of quotes and make mini binders or collages or just albums on my phone and I look through them and they usually have to do with whatever emotion or obstacle I’m dealing with.

I made one called “LIVIN 2019” in all caps and it’s strictly pictures and quotes of just being absolutely selfish and doing your best in life.

I didn’t feel that way for most of 2019, which isn’t long, it’s February. But, I started the year off so so bad. And now I’m living.

I went back to work and I was really terrified but also so excited. I missed the structure and environment and I missed my coworkers. And they missed me too. It was so great to come back to a place where I felt missed and needed and important.

And since my first day back I feel I’ve just been building momentum into this year. Everyday I wake up and I’m excited and I love being at work and just being a person in the world again.

I haven’t been “alive” in what feels like forever. I feel like I lost half a year of my life and now I’m back. I’m back and I’m living my best life.

There are so many times that the bad times feel like forever and nothing is ever going to be good again. But that’s wrong. Nothing lasts forever and happiness comes back.

Here’s to living in 2019


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