When you Share Too Much

I shared too much.

I told my best friends too much of my mind.

I asked for too much advice. Too much of what they thought about my situation.

I told them too much of what I was doing. Too much of how I was dealing with things

I asked for too much guidance. Too much of how to feel better again.

And I got what I asked for.

They told me to plan to go inpatient is a cop out. (I’ve been off lithium for weeks so I ultimately will at some point to stabilize…)They told me my mom didn’t hurt me that badly. They told me everything about me. They spelled my life out for me. They said I preach to the choir and I speak of things in such a way and since I can’t keep my mental health up to that par, I’m a fraud.

I have 2 best friends who know me since forever and everything I’ve been through. And last night, they both betrayed me in a way I never thought would happen. And from now on. I’m not telling anyone anything because I know what’s best for me. I know my self care. I know how to take care of myself and when I’m doing too much or too little. I’m in the drivers seat. This is my life.

I feel stupid for letting my heart out to these people but oh well. You live and you learn.


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