Sunday Scaries, Sadness, Skepticism, and Surrealness

What a weekend! As always. But good news! I think I may have met my soulmate this weekend. It’s an amazing feeling, I think he may be the one I can tell about all of my darkness, my diagnoses, my hospitalizations, my life of doctors appointments, my daily struggles. I don’t want to get too excited though 

Everything has been weird. I need to stop drinking. I Keep thinking about AA. I’m not sure if I’m ready though. Maybe Naltrexone?

Things have been good but things have also been tough. I’m not stable but I’m not unstable. You know? I feel like I’m floating through limbo. I hope you had a good weekend. I love you all, so much. My dad comes to visit next weekend, I’m so excited.

Happy Sunday, Happy Monday, Happy full work week. Xoxoxo. Love you all!




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