The Furry Friends that become Family

My only dog, Jamie, would have turned 13 years old today. We bought her from a grimey store in a mall and my “dads early 45th birthday” was the scapegoat. 

She was a small, fluffy, white, yappy Maltese. She was completely perfect. 

Jamie died in January 2015. My last interaction with her, I was yelling at her to leave me alone and the next day I went back to Michigan for school. It always happens like that. Things end on bad terms and you part ways, forever. 

On the weekend I heard the news, I woke up extremely hungover and my mom told me Jamie died. I can’t explain in words how I felt. I felt so alone. I didn’t think anyone was suffering in the way my heart, mind and soul ached. I was already struggling as my undiagnosed bipolar was coming along and on top of that, losing one of my best furry friends on just sent me over the edge. 

I cried in class. I would get so distressed I got nosebleeds. I would go to only 3 classes a week. Sometimes I would only go to 1 class a week. 

I tried to spin it into a good thing. I put extra love into my 2 kittens, Tucker and Lucy, and felt blessed I had them. They have and will always be my lifeline. 

But, Jamie represented so much. She was my undivorced family living under one roof, she was there for lower, middle, upper school and college. She was there through heartbreaks, disappointments, celebrations, holidays and just plain ole life. 

She would sit next to me as I wrote papers, barking if I didn’t keep constantly petting her. She loved attention. 

I snuck her cheese and other foods she loved. 

She would sleep on her back next to me. I’d take her for walks down the canal. Just us two girls. She was so special. 

Today she would be 13 years old and I hope she is loving it up there in doggy heaven and making a bunch of different kind of friends. She deserves the best. 

It’s raining today in Boston, it sets the mood. I miss her a lot. I’ve tried to hold back the tears but I’ll never forget her. It helps me appreciate and put the extra love into my two little love bugs, Tucker and Lucy. 

Happy birthday Jamie girl, I love you!

But to all- Happy Friday, happy weekend. We did it! Enjoy the day! 


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