What do you do when there isn’t anything that anyone could say to make you feel better? And you have no one to talk to and feel stuck at work?

I am open to all suggestions that will not result in me being fired or getting a warning.  

Thanks in advance! So much love xo 


6 thoughts on “LOOKING FOR ADVICE 

  1. It’s an extremely difficult situation when you do not have a support system. Work was always hard for me so I acted “as if” to get through the day. Eventually this stopped working and I’m unable to work now. I talk to my dog even though my dad is sitting a few feet away from away and my twin sister is always available just not to me. Hurt doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. But it helps to know I’m not alone.


    1. 😦 I’m sorry. I will text my mom, dad, aunt or friends but it doesn’t feel like anything they say helps. I want to tell a co-worker but that’s a lot for me to expose. My work atmosphere is also very negative. I tend to take a lot of walks and breaks. I start to feel guilty because I’m “on the clock” but I think we should remember how health is most important? Were not alone!!

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      1. I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking clearly! I wouldn’t talk to a co-worker. That could come back on you unless you have a Human Resources Department that offers someone to talk to. NOTHING my family says helps. I’m told that I need to “stop being so dramatic”, “get my shit together”, “take responsibility for my actions” (this from my brother in law who doesn’t even count!), “You’re not trying hard enough”, “You don’t want to get better” and “You’re lazy”. Most of this is from my twin sister which hurts me more than anything. From a young age I always had this “image” of how sisters were supposed to be. Twins were supposed to be even closer. I was so confused when in Junior High she didn’t tell people I was her sister let alone her twin (we’re fraternal). When we had to be introduced she would say “This is my sister” and I would add “Twin” she would get mad. This continued for a very long time. I couldn’t understand what I did wrong, why she hated me. I still don’t and I cry everyday. I can talk to my Dad up to a point. I mostly talk to my Dog, believe it or not it looks like he’s listening. lol This blog has helped more than anything. Knowing I’m not the only one. I’m always checking in if you need someone to listen.


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