A Temporary Detour 

I started this blog about my journey through bipolar 1 disorder. However, my eating problems have overwhelmingly emerged and taken so much control of my life. It’s to the point where that’s the area of my life that needs the most attention, with the help from my treatment team. 

I’m lucky that I’ve controlled my everchabging moods enough so they aren’t dictating my life. I’m lucky that I found the right medication and treatment to allow me to live life with bipolar 1 disorder.

However, my food issues have been overpowering and they’re something I need to talk about because I do feel alone facing them.

I know some people can feel triggered by talking about food so I wanted to make a post letting you know that I will have my food struggles posted here.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, I’m completely open! And I will always bring in Bipolar 1 disorder and mental health when appropriate and relatable. That’s the biggest part of my life that I love to share with all of you!

Thank you to everyone for making this community so strong and making me feel so loved!



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