World Bipolar Day

Happy World Bipolar Day!

I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder for about a year and a half. I can honestly say my life has completely turned around. Some changes for the best and other changes for the not so best. But, I believe that right now, I’m where I’m supposed to be. Bipolar disorder is my diagnosis, not my identity, and knowing that gives me clarity on how to live my life best suited for my situation. 

This morning, I read bphope’s article on What I Wish The World Knew About Bipolar. What struck me after reading it is that I had no idea about Bipolar Disorder before I was diagnosed. I thought I was ADHD or had borderline personality disorder. Bipolar disorder never crossed my mind. I don’t think I had a solid perception of the illness and if I did, it was definitely negatively shaped by the media. 

Today, I’m proud to have the knowledge I do on my own illness and other mental illnesses that are prevalent around us. I feel blessed to have interacted with so many others who are impacted with mental illness, yet do extraordinary things with their lives. I’m grateful to have had treatment by great doctors and psychologists. I hope that the future of this illness and other mental illnesses continues to move in this forward direction. 

And with that being said, none of us are alone. Thank you for making me feel not alone and for building this beautiful community. I’m so grateful to be a part of it! 

Happy World Bipolar Day! 


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