A little update

It has been so long!

I have relocated back to my apartment in Boston. I basically do nothing but apply for jobs, go shopping, watch TV and play with my cats.

I’ve come to realize how much I miss my family. I wish I was living in New York City so I could see my mom and dad much easier. But the situation is what it is.

Today has been a weird day and I feel like it’s a sign from the universe.

I had an interview that went pretty well. I found STREET PARKING in downtown Boston which was amazing. And the meter had an entire hour on it!

The company also contacted my references before my interview and my friend said that’s because they’re more likely to hire me…so bonus points there except I have NO expectations about job interviews because I hate being disappointed.

As I was walking out of the interview, I found a dollar bill on the ground. Perhaps a sign?

Then I had to go to Target to buy cat litter and the cat litter was not scanning so the guy charged me $4.99 for it, half the price.

There have been a lot of weird miracles going on and I don’t want to jinx it so I’m ending this post to knock on every single piece of wood I see.

Happy Presidents weekends to everyone! Relax because you all deserve it!




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