Outpatient Problems

A common side effect of lithium is feeling thirsty and therefore, drinking a lot.. of water. It’s something that has definitely impacted me. I chug water in the middle of the night and all day long.  

My outpatient program makes me take alcohol tests via urine and it’s extremely annoying. So far, all of the tests haven’t been accurate. The nurse has accused me of watering down my urine or I’m going into kidney failure..

I’m not sure why a place would accuse me of that when it’s the medicine they’re prescribing that is making me react by drinking a lot of water. Also, isn’t this supposed to be a “safe place”. I explained to the nurse that I did not water it down nor have I ever heard of someone doing that and I had to take 2 more tests, which haven’t come back as acceptable. I’m considering refusing the tests from now on and if they discharge me then it will be a favor for me! 

Just a minor inconvenience but it makes me that much more anxious to be discharged! I have two job interviews next week so I have lots to prepare. A little nervous since it’s been a while! 

Happy Friday friends! 


One thought on “Outpatient Problems

  1. You may have heard that poppy seeds can cause you to fail a drug test. I never believed it until one day when I failed a test and it dawned on me I had eat a poppy seed muffin that morning, It took a lot of begging, but I was able to get them to mark that I passed.

    To think they’d give you a hard time for drinking a lot of water is ludicrous.


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