Starting from the Bottom

I cried a few tears as I drove back to PHP to start the program all over again today. This morning, I checked my LinkedIn, saw numerous peers getting promotions in jobs and remembered my situation. It felt like I took 8 steps forward to take 79 steps back. 

Today was my first full day of my partial hospitalization program that will last 8-10 weeks. The day ended on a much different note. Now, I feel really hopeful for the future. I’m looking at my situation in a different light. 

This hospitalization gave me an epiphany on how I have to live the rest of my life. I’m lucky I’m young so I can adapt and adjust to a lifestyle around staying well. I’m learning to know what doesn’t work, what works, what I need to work on and what I’m already good at.

Today started out sad but I’m ending it on a positive note. I’m going to take these next 8-10 weeks in program one day at a time. Knowledge is power and I’m just going to try and stay focused so I can build the strongest foundation for when I head back up to Boston!


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