Crashed and burned. Am in the city but staying over night at the Penn club because I got lucky and knew someone who could reserve me a room during the holidays.  

I feel so lonely. But I know I’d feel this lonely even if I were back in Princeton so what’s the point. I’ll stay in my favorite city and see my favorite people. 

My dads like no alcohol but what can he control? I’ve lost everything. I feel so desperate. 

I actually had a good, actually great, meeting with people to start my beauty counter business. And it’s going I start off well! It’s good to start young and it’s flexible. Flexibility is good for mentally ill people. In the sense that you can put in what you got out. You can create your own structure, and that’s how my brains working right now.

I can’t wait until I’m back in New York City for good. I love this damn place. Don’t make me go back to Massachusetts 


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