Flight to PR

I really need to be alone right now. I’m shuttling to the airport and I just want to get through security and escape my mom and brother and sit down alone and drink wine alone and eat sushi alone and take seroquel and pass the fuq out on the plane and wake up in Puerto Rico. I want to be alone and this “family vacation” with the family members I dislike most is the least best thing for my mental health. I just have to survive. I just have to take it second by second. I can do it.


**Update: success, sitting alone, eating sushi, drinking chardonnay. Of course at an absurd airport price but I told my mom that I needed to be alone and I’d meet her at the gate when it’s time to board. So a little optimism that things work out and ask and you shall receive. Stick to what you need and self-care is first and foremost! Happy happy Friday and almost Merry Christmas!


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