Crying to my mom

So drunk, I broke down. I said I needed a flight home tonight, J won’t though. I can’t handle it anymore. My head. My mom is for once helping me. She read my inspiration book (the quotes and pictures I print out from Tumblr) and told me she’ll always love me which made me happy and feel comforted for the moment. It’s not event 5pm and I’m drunk AF. We’re looking for inpatient programs together. Im calling but it’s Saturday. It’s Christmas Eve and there are no answers. I’m hoping she understands my stress. I think she does. The could be worst Christmas Eve maybe ever. 


6 thoughts on “Crying to my mom

  1. *hugs* I’m glad you are getting the support you need from your mom at the moment. You may not be able to get into
    a program quickly because of the holidays , but keep trying. You are working hard to get the care you need.


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