I don’t usually share personal photos 

But this is what I woke up to,

A bottle of red wine splattered on my wall. Amongst my pill bottles, Bobbi brown moisturizer, FAO Schwarz teddy bear, Bluetooth speaker, water bottle and who knows what kind of candle. Oh and my new iPhone 7+ box. I lost one of my pearl earrings that I’m really sad about. This is what it looks like to be mentally ill above the poverty line and my cleaning lady will clean up this mess, most likely. 

Last night, I was sad. My dad was at the Harvard club at a Christmas party and I stayed up waiting for him. As I waited, I drank more. And more. I passed out before he came home, which was likely well after midnight. Another night of being drunk and crying myself to sleep alone. 

 And I woke up to this. Now I have to go do stuff before getting on a plane to Puerto Rico. And this is my life. The outside image is never what it seems. People struggle a lot internally no matter what they may seem like they appear to be. Mental illness does not discriminate. 


4 thoughts on “I don’t usually share personal photos 

  1. I completely relate to this post. As someone who stared with nothing and is relatively well off now , my life looks amazing from the outside. There have been nights when I washed my meds down with champagne. I feel like complaining about internal issues is just spoiled girl problems, but they are still my problems and they are real. *hugs* you are not alone


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