SOS Help w Food Stamps

So I was *let go* from my job (due to manic symptoms but they don’t know about my condition). Anyway, I applied for unemployment, disability and food stamps. It’s tricky because I did just move so I am a New Jersey resident but I live in Massachusetts now.

Tomorrow morning I have a phone interview to potentially receive food stamps. I wanted to know if anyone has had experience with this and if it’s worth it. I’m blessed that I don’t come from an in-need background but at the same time. I do need to be independent from my parents as much as possible. If anyone has experience or any advice on food stamps, please let me know!!


16 thoughts on “SOS Help w Food Stamps

    1. Food stamps for Massachusetts. I’m only 23, recent post-grad just lost my job with bipolar 1 and I’m going into a PHP program after the New year. So basically, I’m wondering if it’s worth it for me to go with it, because I read that it can only be $10. And if that’s the case then maybe I won’t do it. That money can go to someone else who truly needs it. But I have no income and my parents are paying all my rent, utilities, parking, food, cat bills, etc. So assistance is always appreciated as I feel extremely guilty for moving to a new state for a job to be fired due to my illness.


      1. If you need the help, apply. The worst they can say is no and you remain in the boat you’re in. What they’ll do is look at your income and the total income of your household. Then they will look at the total unmet need of food cost. Based upon that they will determine how much you qualify for in benefits.

        So while it IS very possible that you could qualify for aid with $0 benefits based upon the total make up of the household it’s still worth going to the trouble of applying. The point in going through the process anyway is to get yourself into the system in the event you move or your situation changes. The second time around applying when those changes occur you’ll already have a case file in the system which should make the process faster. In theory. Your case file is attached to your social security number in their system.

        And even if all you get is the $10, that’s how many loaves of bread or jugs of milk that you wouldn’t have been able to buy before? When faced with food insecurity, that’s a longer ways away from starving. In that light, ask yourself if it’s worth it. And I have been there facing down that question so I know it isn’t an easy one, but it IS one you need to ask. I won’t judge your answer. I know how it is and it’s not my place to say.

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      2. Thank you for your help! I appreciate it %100 as I have really no support system. And you’re right, the worst they say is no. My mom was afraid for some reason that if I go on food stamps I will be disqualified from some other opportunity in life. But that may just be because of the background I come from, which makes me feel guilty applying for them. But it is true that without my parents, I have nothing and food stamps will help make me survive.

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      3. Actually a lot of employers have programs where they hire people who have been on assistance because they get a tax break. I know when I was applying for jobs it seemed half had a questionnaire for it


      4. I have no idea what opportunities that would be. When I was on food stamps I was a single mom with two children to care for while going through college. Just applying for that alone got me flagged for a shit ton of other services I didn’t even know existed. Some of the programs weren’t worth the hassle to be in, but others were and this was before I was diagnosed with Bipolar but after my middle son was diagnosed with Autism. So the programs and resources are out there. One of the things you could look into while applying for Food Stamps is a case manager, who is someone that takes on your file and helps you identify your needs and locates the services and programs that will meet those needs – like housing. So when you go in to file for Food Stamps – or SNAP I think it’s called now, ask about getting a case manager. Sometimes your pdoc or med clinic can help you with getting one as well.


      5. Ugh I don’t even have a primary care right now. Maybe I should postpone this call. I’m sorry to hear about what you went through but you seem extremely strong and you survived so be proud of that! I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you


      6. Don’t postpone it. Make the appointment. Apply for the food stamps. Ask about the case manager. They can even help you find a pdoc in your area. One step at a time. ā¤


      7. It was overwhelming at first and at times it still gets overwhelming but I try to focus on one step at a time. Drives my mother nuts, she keeps telling me I can multitask but that’s when I stress out and mess up. So no, little steps, deep breaths, and take it just one step at a time. You might not get there very fast but at least you’re still moving forward and that’s what counts.


  1. Hey there,
    My fiance applied for food stamps for us being he isn’t able to work right now, I live in TN so i’m not sure about your state, but if you are unemployed there is really no way that you won’t receive them. There is nothing to be nervous about, they will basically just ask you the routine questions of are you employed, why are you not employed, and yada yada. Being you are also unemployed for mental health reasons you should be an even better candidate. We use food stamps and they are a huge life saver. It takes a lot of stress off having to worry about money for food when we have so many other bills. It’s nothing to be embarrassed of either, should you be because I definitely was at first, because that is why they are there. I think you’ll enjoy feeling the little bit of independence in a time of feeling you don’t have any. Hope it goes well.


  2. I should also add that you may not want to include that you live with your parents just due to my fiances interview including the question if he lived with anyone and he replied no and they called me (i was his contact) and they just asked if I knew where he lived and gave the address and that was it. They never asked if we lived together so you could possibly just give your parents address and put a friend down as your contact so they can verify you live alone.


    1. Thanks for all the good info! I think the convo went well. I don’t live with my parents, I recently moved to Boston so I have roommates. I don’t have an income and my parents are 100% providing funds for my housing, food, etc and food stamps will definitely be of help to them. Thanks again for the great advice, I’m glad it worked out for you!


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