I’m Home!!!

I’m back in Princeton. Orphan status, though. Came home to an empty house, brought my cats which my dad said I need to bring to my moms house “ASAP”. I’m excited for this week, parties and networking. I feel a type of safety at home and I’m seeing my therapist tomorrow and she is my always, forever my rock. So even though things have been bumpy and stress, they’re going to look up.

My dad and I have a silly saying because he’s a chemical engineer, but it’s “Positive like a proton”. And that’s how I’m trying to live my life for right now. I may be overwhelmed and stress and etc etc etc but I’m going to get through it all because that’s what we do as humans. Mental illness or not, everyone goes through harder times than normal and this is mine. I’m happy to be sleeping in my hometown. Love you Princeton forever. My cats are happy and I’ll be seeing my daddy soon. I feel very safe, something I usually don’t feel. Xoxoxox. Have a goodnight!




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