Goodnight, everyone


I’m boarding my flight back *home*

It doesn’t feel like home right now. NYC is home but I’m getting on the plane going home. I’ll be happy to see my cats. Do any of you have therapy animals because honestly, they are life. My cats are what have literally kept my alive. If you are ever considering, do it. Cats are low maintenance and love you to death. Dogs are amazing because you can bring them everywhere like shops and restaurants, etc (with permits). But animal therapy is unlike any other and I strongly recommend.


3 thoughts on “Goodnight, everyone

  1. That’s exactly why I’m seriously considering getting a kitten! I feel like they’re really good at just making you happy…and I really need that right now😂

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      1. I really hope I can! Since I’m still living with my mum, she kinda has the final say and I’m nervous about that😂


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