Last night 

The night ended in me making great event planning connections, staying out at the bar w my dad til 1:30am++++, not getting a good picture of us but nonetheless crying in my room at later than 2am with my dad holding me because that’s my life. So we call it a success. I held it together when it needed to be together. I want to sleep now and I can’t. I do what I can with what I have. A famous woman said that and I love her for it. I’ll go to the Met and MoMa today and forget my problems hopefully. Xoxo. Today is a new day, as is everyday 


4 thoughts on “Last night 

  1. I remember crying into my dads arms. I cried a lot when my dad passed away 14 years ago. After the funeral, my uncles and some of his kids, grandkids went to his favorite hangouts, we had a drink to celebrate his life and then I cried into my Uncles shoulders. Remember those moments of time spent with family. They help you thru alot of “things”. I am strong because my daddy was… Good luck and keep up the writing.. journaling is good for your soul.

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