Travel on a Thursday 

Ah here I am at the airport, waiting to board my flight to New York City. I applied to 25 jobs between today and yesterday. They’re mostly internships and part time and unpaid. But I need to gain experience to get into the wedding/event planning industry so this is my current route. 

I honestly want to forget about my mental health. I feel like I’m on such a good path with what I want to do career wise that it’s just a burden. 

I scheduled a therapist appt w a new woman in Boston in January. I’m seeing my hometown therapist next week. But I just want to have a career and live life and not be held back by this illness and it’s frustrating. 

I also worry about money. I liked making my own money and I hate having to depend solely on my father for money. But for now, I have a whole day of preparation for a holiday egg nog party tonight with an amazing view of the city so I’m going to try and turn my racing mind off and enjoy the moment, while hopefully not drinking too much. 

Happy Thursday to all! 


One thought on “Travel on a Thursday 

  1. Enjoy and good luck! Don’t neglect yourself, but I think you may find your mental health improves as you pursue this “normal” life. That’s what ppl tell me anyway lol. Either way good luck hun keep us posted. (: xoxo


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