Air travel. Alcohol. Anxiety

I just had so much stress. I was anxious waiting for my plane so I took klonopin. My Uber driver was so non aggressive and there was so much traffic that I got out and walked to where I’m staying. I ran around like a maniac trying to find A liquor store to calm myself down. 

I’ve already taken enough klonopin that I should be okay. But I’m also going to this big event and my dads the host and I have a drinking problem and I just want to start going bottles to the face and not stop because my head is MF spinning. 

And since I haven’t been eating and lost like 5 or more pounds it doesn’t exactly help the fact that I blackout faster than usain bolt. Must stay composed tonight for dad. 
“I am composed, I am collected” is the motto. Pray for meeeeeee xoxo 


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