Late night epiphanies

One bottle deep I started applying to jobs. I wonder how many employers incur this. And then it hit me, something I’ve always wanted to do, be an event planner! So now that is my new path. I’m going to tailor my resume to all of the event planning-esque experiences I’ve had and maybe look into taking some classes and get an internship. I’m lucky to live in the city so I have plenty of opportunities.

This epiphany makes me feel better about finishing a bottle of Chardonnay alone. I think I may have found my path and hopefully a distraction from all this mental health mess. Hoping today is a good day for all! Xoxo




23 thoughts on “Late night epiphanies

  1. Thank you so much for posting this at just the right time! I have an epiphany about once every 2 weeks. I might be lying. I loved hair salons and products so decided to be a hair stylist. After graduating I realized I liked BEING IN A SALON better than WORKING IN ONE. I didn’t have the cutthroat attitude needed to make it. (I know, it sounds absurd but it’s a tough environment) I would lose confidence with too many people watching me. But when I did my sister’s hair, nieces, or my own, it was beautiful. I make beautiful jewelry but hated selling it. I love the music industry (I’ve been to more Rock/Metal Concerts than I can remember and met many musicians) I would be a Roadie or just do Dave Navarro’s laundry for free if it meant someone I could talk to about the same things I’m interested in. But I think these are more delusions of grandeur. Which makes me sad.

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      1. LOL Not creepy at all!!! I would be more than happy to talk about both! If you read my new post you’ll see how bad it is. Talk about creepy. I think I’m a lot older than you so our musical tastes might be a little different but who knows? You did manage to cheer me up more than my actual twin sister!!

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      2. Ha! All of that is so cute idk what to do. I read all posts bc I’m creepy too so hey…least we admitted it.
        I like ALL the music. You mentioned Dave Navarro…I know I know him…I’m bad with names but 90s band…tons of hits…and he was actually in a bunch of bands doing diff things right? lol anyways. I used to make jewelry too…gave it up a while ago but my Instagram and old blog should still be there with pics…can I see some of your work? I’m good at design but too blind to make anything now lol. I’m 32 btw 😜

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      3. My vision started to go in and out a few years ago that’s one of the main reasons I stopped making jewelry. When I went into kidney failure and lost my right kidney (didn’t really lose it I know where it is) and everything began to get a little better the Chihuahua kept trying to eat everything and my hands would shake. I need to find my pics. I liked to take pictures I thought fit the piece. I’m the only one that appreciated them except Nikki Sixx liked a few. lol

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      4. lol same here actually I blame jewelry for my loss of sight…did love taking pics tho I’d love to see yours! My instagram was doesydoates…I think and my old shop blog was if you wanna see some old stuff I did. And the old person I was lol. Xoxo

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      5. Will do! Some of my jewelry is on Instagram but mostly photography, selfies (because I lost 135 pounds), quotes, and paintings my dad did. And 1 photo of me and a lead singer from a Hair Band back in April. lol He actually has one of the best voices. I think it’s under my name if you want it I can E-mail it to you or if there is another way not to broadcast myself. I don’t really care, I’m only famous in my own mind. But my twin would flip out!

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      6. I have my posts go to Twitter so more people who need help can see them but I have to restrain myself from going on it. Instagram is no prob it’s just pics & hardly anyone follows

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      7. Hmm good point about insta plus I guess I could always just creep on ppl and never post…rofl gross. I kinda wanna do it tho now…I know fb kinda took over insta and was afraid ppl would see my every fkn move (“Omg she logged in but didn’t say hi?! She must hate me!”) ugh…lol

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      8. I just posted pics. I can never do FB again. It makes me feel “less than”. People only post what they want you to see, which is mostly a lie. It might look like they’re living the dream with a cute, successful husband and 2 kids plus a big house but inside it’s another story. Then when I was honest about being Bipolar little by little they disappeared. I’m not good with that.

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      9. Exactly. I can’t judge the putting up of fronts bc I def did that too…but yes once you claim your crazy ppl start to bounce…pussies. I hate the book of faces and it’s creepy hold on the world. Should be a sign above the door Abandon all hope ye who dares enter…or something. Xoxo

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      10. It may have been a combo of disclosing the crazy & alcoholic part all at once. lol Plus I loved this one site The Victorian Vampire Society (I may have butchered the name) but they had some of the best art ranging from the 1400’s til now that was so captivating. I thought other people would like it too. Uh….Noooo! I’m the only one who finds old cemeteries, Gargoyles, and old paintings based on the notion of Heaven and Hell interesting. Everyone else? Frightened. Post is up with some jewelry, photos I took of animals, places, and things. I love photographing animals but hate going to zoos. Sorry about the ramble, meds were changed and they’re kicking

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      11. lol! Np I like rambles…hopefully this is either your blog or mine were on tho bc..oops! Lol. Frightened?! This musta been some kinda art lol kinda wanna see that too! I still think that fb “friends” and family shouldn’t bolt when you finally reached out…but mine did the same so maybe it’s a thing. I’ll go try to find your post the Reader here ok the app is fkd today 😕xoxo

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  2. Awesome sauce!
    Let me know if I can help I’ve thrown many the event…and was super broke when I did so know how to make things pretty on no budget. I’d love to help any way I can (: so excited for you! Go for it girl. Xoxo


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