My life is a joke

I want to make this blog anonymous but I’ll send one picture (and will delete this post soon). Today my roommates and I took Christmas pictures. It made me feel like I was part of a family. Something I’ve never felt of. At least not in the sense of being forced and I’m sending out Christmas cards to various people and this is the picture. I’m sending to people I care about and love. 

I’m the one on the left holding my cat, Lucy. Tucker is the alien eyed one. They’re my babies. They’re my family. I adopted them in college and we’ve been through it all together. If I have one understanding of unconditional love, it’s through them. Tucker and Lucy are my family. They’re cats but they’re family 

I just feel hopeless right now. My car is broken down. McLean has been a disaster to get into a program. I have no money of my own and I think I like someone more than he likes me and I’m just sad. Tomorrow is a new day. I hope it will be better. Xoxo 


5 thoughts on “My life is a joke

  1. Well first of all you are gorgeous (: so are the roomies and kitties thx for sharing! Once again much braver than I…you’re an inspiration. I mean that. Hope tomorrow goes better hun. Xo


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