Being taken care of

I’ve never felt fully taken care of. My dad takes care of me in the way that he’ll pay for my movers, he’ll answer the phone without it ringing once, he empathize with my pain but I never felt like 100% securely taken care of. And my mom doesn’t even compare to that, I’ve never felt taken care of by her. 

But right now I feel so full of love because people are taking care of me. My boy cleaned out my gash and waited 2 hours with me in urgent care on a Saturday. My own parents probably wouldn’t do that.

Urgent care has called everyday to check up on my injury. A friend sent me a care package. My roommates are always seeing if I need anything. My therapist is sending my referrals to McLean hospital to get me into a program I need. 

I feel hopefully and happy right now. I feel taken care of, a feeling that I usually don’t and it feels nice. It’s a good way to start off the week and it’s a good way to feel when you are semi-handicapped! 


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