This is my first Sunday in who knows how long that I wake up without a hangover. My stitches and sprained ankle are definitely a blessing. I realized yesterday if I told my therapist about the accident she would make me go inpatient as my illness has caused me to be a harm to myself. The symptoms to the drinking to the accident. I read something how mental health impacts physical health and it’s something I don’t usually think about but it’s very true. When I become symptomatic my eating habits change, of course sleep changes which impacts everything. And on top of that I have a bad injury from my mental health self-medication. 

I’m trying to relax and be content in bed doing nothing but it’s so hard! Ah 


2 thoughts on “Sundaze

  1. I always had this strange feeling I was going to miss something if I stayed home. What I was going to miss, I couldn’t name. When I was out drinking, in the beginning I was awesome. I was outgoing, I was funny (not really sure if I was or I just thought I was), I was sexy (again this was my point of view), I had friends and I was never lonely. What was hard to admit was the fact I was lonely and I was wearing a mask 24 hours a day trying to keep up with who I was supposed to be around the different people in my life. There were many nights I went too far and the mask slipped. I never let anyone know how hopeless, how disgusted, how ashamed, or how guilty I felt. I waited way too long, leaving me with less options. If you ever need to talk I’m here. I think you’re handling things pretty well so far. You’re at least writing/talking about how you feel. It’s a good start.

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  2. Yep, what she said. I think most ppl do this to a degree, in their own ways. I’m here if you wanna talk too which is weird bc we’ve never met but I still mean it. Love the quote btw. Feel better, you. E.


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