Good morning

I hate when I drink too much and I blog my racing manic thoughts. Anyway, I’ll post more later on today because today is my 1 year of being released from hospitalization number 2!! So there’s no other options but to make it a good day for that. Cheers to Friday, everyone! 


One thought on “Good morning

  1. I’ve never seen this quote before and love it. It isn’t overly cheerful, religious, condescending, or uses the word “recovery”. It’s just an honest quote. Thank you! I’ve taken a lot of heat for being too open or honest and have had to endure some pretty horrendous people with vile views on Mental Health. I was going to stop doing my Blog until my dad asked me how many people have I actually helped? He told me to stop and think about that before letting one group stop me. I was shocked that for once he was making more sense than me! lol

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