Friday eve! 

There are times when I mentally have to say “I live second to second”. Because I actually do. I can’t plan for the next month, weekend, day, hour. I literally live second to second and for me that’s just my way to manage what I’m going through at that exact moment because having bipolar doesn’t always give you the luxury of knowing. But I’m happy that we all made it through this week post-thanksgiving and we can all hopefully look forward to a relaxing weekend


2 thoughts on “Friday eve! 

  1. The one thing that I want to achieve in life is “LIVING SECOND TO SECOND”. You know what I mean. Being alive every second of staying awake is a wonderful feeling. I mean there are only a few days in a week that I feel alive, but I want to start doing it on a regular basis. I’m glad you live your life second to second. Happy december =)


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