A little self-care

I’ve been looking back at my old outpatient program and practicing the great and easy technique of self-care.

I’ve been indulging in health and beauty products that make me feel good. Starting the day with a shower and washing my hair with nice smelling shampoo can really help my mood.

I’m going to cleanse the alcohol and junk food. It’s so hard to stop around the holidays but I’m going to take it meal by meal and stick to something that works for me.

I’m getting a massage, hair cut and running a 5k this weekend. I’m also having a phone session with my therapist. All activities that won’t involve partying and staying up late.

I always forget how soothing it can be to just light a candle and cuddle with my cats or sit by the fireplace with my roommates and watch a funny movie.

Sometimes the best medicine isn’t medicine and it isn’t alcohol, drugs, sex and things that destroy your body.

Every little thing is a learning process. And every process isn’t linear. You go forward. You go backwards. But as long as you go, then you’re doing the right thing.


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