Funemployment isn’t fun 

I haven’t posted in a while because when it rains it pours. Everything in life was amazing and I was going full speed, thinking and assuming and predicting I’d be working a full time job and spending my free time spreading my social butterfly wings. 

But when does it ever play out how we want it to? So here I am, just me, myself and I. I’ve been rejected by more companies and organizations I can count for one reason, no experience. 

College was tough for me. I couldn’t get myself to show up for class, let alone join a club or make honors or create a start-up app that revolutionized dorm food. My only experience is being a student-athlete and having one finance internship. I worked retail as I finished up my fifth year, which luckily I gained management and customer service experience but I’m really lacking in the whole office experience area. And that is costing me a whole lot of opportunities due to the fact that other candidates outweigh me in the proven experience, written on paper, can be vouched for by coworkers. *my dad says I’m smart* 

Technically I’m not even qualified to flip burgers at mcdonalds. But I just keep showing up at office to office hoping my cute face and charming personality will persuade someone to take a chance on this post-grad chick who desperately needs to move out of her parents house and start her own life and create her own identity!!! 
If anyone has similar situations, experience, advice, etc. I would absolutely love to hear it. The real world is not friendly to every creature but I want to be friends! SOS 


6 thoughts on “Funemployment isn’t fun 

  1. I have found that you can make your experience fit almost every job descriptions needs. You worked customer service and management. You can list skills from that which fit into some many skills companies are looking for. What kind of jobs are you applying for?


    1. At this point mostly admin positions. I get through the phone and in-person interview and once I’m one of the final candidates, they choose the person with more experience! It’s very frustrating, especially when I travel overnight for interviews…but keeping my fingers crossed that something will eventually fall into place!

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      1. That happened to me a couple times but stay determined and work on making your experience fit into the description of the positions! What’s meant to be will be, you’ll find one!


  2. ok…. I am giving you my years of advice because you see… I have worked for many companies (due to my age, lol) and I am always trying to stay in contact. I have many years experience interviewing, hiring etc. Make sure you are on linked in and any of the social networks that you are doing just that… networking. cry out to all your friends and family (gulp) that you’re looking for entry level if need be. Get your foot in the door and wham you can move up in the company.WATCH what you put on your social network, while you don’t realize it, we tend to check some of those sites out.. OUCH!!! Ewww did she really post that, OMG look at the picture of her doing what? oh no… anyway.. good luck. I will be reading to see what happens. Everyone starts out with “no experience”, but someone will take a chance and thats all you need is one person to believe in you!! and give you that chance Once you get it, pick out a mentor in the company and blossom… into that awesome employee we all just love to have working for us.


    1. Thank you for both of your very thoughtful comments! I appreciate the love and support. I’m happy to tell you I received a job offer and am moving this weekend. It’s a great feeling to accomplish something despite the rough and unaccommodating circumstances!

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