College educated, she graduated!!!!

I have finally completed all of my undergraduate requirements!!!! It only took me 5 years with a few hospitalizations but I did it! It’s a surreal feeling and it’s also kind of crazy that now I have nothing holding me back from having an independent life. 

I first thought I was going to move to philly. But now I’m second guessing it because my best friend who would be my roommate is really obsessed with her boyfriend aka I’d spend most of my time alone. So with that being said, I’m considering finding a job in my quintessential New Jersey college town. I’m picking it for a few reasons. I have my therapist and psychiatrist. My family is nearby, even though I don’t like to depend on them. It’s not too big of a chance that will cause a lot of anxiety and stress that could trigger who knows what. And lastly I’m dating a guy who goes to my towns University, he’s almost 3 years younger! Which is a whole different story. 

I have yet to live life with bipolar disorder that didn’t have some sort of outline like a college requirement list or being confined by my family. It’s a little scary but I’m going to try and channel it as excitement. I have a phone interview today that I hope goes well and I’ll take life one step at a time from there. 

I hope everyone has the happiest of Friday’s! 


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