Check Yes. Check No. 

Applying to jobs is stressful for anyone. You have to put your best foot forward and show off what you’re capable of. It takes a lot of time to craft the perfect resume and cover letter. The easy part should be finally submitting it.

Each application I fill out I feel conflicted. When I click to the disabilities form page, I never know what to say. Do I have a disability? Yes. Am I functioning near best so I can be a reliable employee? Yes. But do I have the potential to need time off of work for treatment whether it be inpatient or outpatient? Without a doubt.

I always click no. I know it says they won’t judge you and they can’t hold it against you. But there’s a part of me that feels they’d try to analyze what my disability is during the interview or during work. If I got rejected from a job I’d wonder if they didn’t want a disabled person or if they already filled their quota.

I don’t want to feel the stigma from others. I don’t want to feel it from myself. Even though I know it may occur that I need help and assistance from my future employer, in regards to having bipolar 1 disorder, I’d rather play it safe. I wish I could check yes just like I check yes to being eligible to work in the United States or having a drivers license. But I hold myself back.
How do you deal with this controversial question? Do you tell them or keep it to yourself?



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