Therapy Tuesdays

Tuesday is my therapy day. Some weeks I count down the days until I meet with my therapist because I have so much I need to vent, sort out, discuss and analyze. These weeks, my friends definitely start to hate me for blowing up their phones with novel long, tedious messages. But once I get to her office, sit down on her big black leather couch, I talk and I spill everything in about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I ruminated and tormented myself about whatever issue for literally days and nights and felt I could write a novel and a lifetime documentary on my erupting emotional situation. Today was one of those days.

I have this weird emotional blockage problem. I can sit there and say I felt awful and anxious and angry because of my mom or my ex boyfriend or my (former) job but I can’t feel what I felt and because of that it makes it easier to move on from it in the moment. It should be great, problem solved, right? When I get in a similar situation I’m back to square one of feeling stuck, like I’m going to blow up. But then when I get back on that big black leather couch, I belittle the problem and act like it *aint no thang*


On the bright side, I had probably one of the most productive days of July. I emailed my Michigan advisor about my pending graduation date, August 2016. I applied to a job in Philadelphia, where I’m planning to move in September. I paid a parking ticket. I dropped off the store keys at my old job I just quit and now I am in class, writing this blog post and not paying attention!

Happy Tuesday, world!




2 thoughts on “Therapy Tuesdays

  1. your day sounds great and i love this blog I do to belittle my problems when I talk about it to others so I totally understand what you’re saying! You’re lucky you get to talk about it to a therapist though, I don’t have one


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