The cliché first blog post

This is my first post on my new blog. I decided to create an anonymous blog after having a blog, which I shared with friends and family. I guess I can look at this as a small step in the wrong direction since it reinforces self-stigma around my bipolar disorder. But I need the anonymity to feel safe posting the thoughts I want to share with the world.


This summer marks my one year anniversary of my first manic episode, hospitalization and official diagnose of bipolar 1 disorder. It has been an unpredictable, insightful and pivotal year. I have learned so much about this illness, myself and have gained a better sense of the world around me. Though I would say I’m mostly stable, I still struggle with various issues that stem from having a serious mental health disorder.


Writing is amazing because it helps people share, connect and heal. I’m excited to have this new blog and I’m excited to write about my journey.




3 thoughts on “The cliché first blog post

  1. Hi there. I look forward to reading more about your journey as it unfolds. You’re right. Writing about mental illness is often a very cathartic experience. Personally I find it a lot more easier to do than actually talking to family members or friends about it. But then I find I’ve always been better at putting my thoughts on a page than actually vocalising them.

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